The Rise of the Red Tide
Chapter 2

“Капитан, отпустите командование этим кораблем. Мы вооружены и готовы умереть за наше дело.” English translation, Captain, release command of this ship. We are armed and are willing to die for our cause.

Fifteen sailors were assigned to the submarine along with the normal crew of eighty-five. It was a mystery why the additional sailors boarded the submarine. No one knew why; no one asked questions. It wasn’t until they left the captured spy ship in Upper Nappeun that anyone started to question why they were on “their” submarine.

They finished securing the last piece of encryption code from the captured spy ship. Now it was time to move on. The rogue group of sailors privately discussed when they to put their plan in place. Time was close and they must act fast.

They decided to wait until the submarine was away from any land mass. They figured two days would be their target date. As time drew near, they grew more anxious. It was difficult to keep their mission quiet. Finally, it was time.

“Are we ready to take over this sub?” questioned Boris.

“Yes, of course, Captain, we’re ready.”

The submarine sailors did not know what was happening. How could they? Suddenly a voice came over the loudspeaker. It was their captain.

“We have been hijacked by a group of Russian sailors who do not support our President Brezhnev. Do as you are asked. Our captors are armed. Follow their orders.”

The take-over was accomplished. All orders from Russia were ignored. The captain was first to reign in. “You will have the men follow my directions, Stanislaus. Understand? If not, I will kill you.”

The navigator was next. A gun was pointed at his head.

“You too Nicholai. If you try anything suspicious, you will be killed. Understand? Change your heading to the East. Do it now.”

Josef noticed a change in direction. “Why would you want to go East? The only thing out there is Hawaii. You are not planning on….” murmured the sailor. “Not Hawaii, please tell me not Hawaii,” pleaded the sailor. My family is there.”

Josef was sick to his stomach with just the thought that his beloved Katrina and his two children would be killed in the attack. Katrina was a beautiful woman who was tall and tan and slender. He left his wife and children with her family in Hawaii while he deployed. He loved her so and missed her every time he had to leave her behind. “I’ll never see my Katrina again,” he sobbed.

That didn’t seem to make a difference to the hijacking sailors. They didn’t care about Katrina or the children.

“Keep the course you are on and don’t ask any more questions. We are in charge now.”

“Depth, one-hundred feet, called out the chief.” “Stabilize her. Sailor, man your positions,” came the order from the high-jacking captain.

“What are they going to make us do?

It didn’t take long for the crew to find out the new plan.

“Load the nuclear missile in the tube. Prepare to fire on command,” yelled the rogue captain. The two sailors, Stephan and Kris, manned the missile in the tube then looked at each other.

“I said to load that tube, sailor or I’ll fill you full of holes,” screamed one of the dissent sailors. He pointed his handgun at the head of the first sailor, Stephan.

“Does that speak loud enough?”  he asked. Just then he pulled the trigger and killed Stephan. “I’ll use this again if you disobey my orders. Understand?”

It was a big worry to hear a gun discharge. On a submarine, there was always the chance that a bullet would penetrate the hull of the boat. That could endanger the entire crew.

Kris was worried enough that he did not want to be the next one to take a bullet. He had a gorgeous girlfriend back home that he wanted to marry. He would obey whatever they said.

Claudia was one of the officers aboard. He quietly asked another officer, “How did they get aboard?” They looked at each other unable to figure out who checked them aboard.

“Holy shit, it was that weasel Lieutenant Cosick. He’s been in on this the entire time. Why would he do that? Why would he betray us?” asked Joseph Brown.

“I know Vladimir was passed over for his promotion. He just had his second kid and I think his wife asked for a divorce. She was quite a good-looking woman. He would have been given a flat to live in if the promotion went through. He has his sick parents living with him and it’s not a pleasant situation.” He’s supporting his wife with two babies, his mother, and father and himself. That promotion would have eased the stress on him. I know cash was tight and he was counting on being promoted. I know he’s bitter. Maybe they handed him some money?”

“Well, he’s made a name for himself and I’m sure he won’t get that promotion he’s wanted now. He’ll be sent off to Siberia far away from his family. I don’t think that will solve his problem.”

“Shut up, over there. No talking, just do as we say.”

They looked at each other and didn’t utter another word.

“I think we lost the Russian and American ships. Let’s get this going so we can get this missile fired. Won’t they be surprised! They think we are going to nuke China.”

Silence fell within the sub. Everyone knew how serious the situation was. The rogue sailors paced up and down the aisles of the sub sometimes pointing their weapons in the face of the sailors just to scare them to submission.

“Turn all equipment off now,” yelled one of the high-jackers.

“Why are you doing this?” asked Claudia. You must know that we were on our way to hit China. You’re taking us just the opposite direction. Don’t you realize this will cause World War III.”

“Quiet, quiet like a library. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir. Sorry, it won’t happen again.”

Just then word came down from Sonar. “We’re being pinged on but it’s not from a ship. It’s from a helicopter!

Wait, there’s a ship’s propeller and it’s closing in on us.

It’s approximately five miles away. What should we do?”

The rogue captain took the microphone, “Silence, shut down all equipment and run silent.”

Silence fell over the submarine that was dead in the water for the time being. Out of the silence came a loud bang. Someone struck a pipe with an iron hammer.  “Find that son of a bitch and kill him. We will all be dead because of that fool.”

A shot was fired using a silencer. Blood ran down the passageway and silence prevailed.

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