Like so many of you, I was a military wife.

Agent Orange or Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder was something I wasn’t aware of because he was in the Navy. No one in the Navy talked about it or even mentioned it That was reserved for the Army and Marines, but not the Navy!

I was married for fifty years to the same man.  Yes, like many of you, I was a child bride.  I was married at the age of eighteen.  When I got married, I remember him telling me that he would be gone a lot on his ship. I hadn’t the foggiest idea what that meant. But, I soon found out.  It meant being alone in strange places and waiting for the ship to return. Waiting for him to come home!

When he returned from a deployment. I remember I noticed he was changing.  How you might ask?  I couldn’t tell you! I just knew something wasn’t right. It was the changes that frustrated me. I couldn’t pinpoint what was happening and, of course, I blamed myself. How could I miss what was happening?

Once he retired from the Navy, I thought it was all over.   No more long separations!  We could be a family.  Yes, a real family. That turned out to be a dream.

It wasn’t until my husband started getting sick with these strange ailments that I got to wondering if I was missing something.  How many of you were just happy to be married to this wonderful man?  What happened?  I know what happened to me, He got sick and was told he was dying.  Now, does that wake you up!  I was told he had a brain tumor and had 24-hours to live.  Now that’s a shocking piece of information.

He was operated on and given a reprieve on life. They discovered he had lung cancer that invaded the encapsulation of the brain. After Doogie Houser operated on him, they gave him a two-month death sentence. He disappointed all of them – he lived for three years!

It wasn’t like me to just take their word for it!  Oh no, I had to satisfy my curiosity. It was then that I took it upon myself to find out what happened that could cause him to be so sick.

I’d love to hear from you and find out how you found out about Agent Orange and PTSD. Let’s talk!

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