Joanne’s Blog — The Virus

The Virus

By DrJo

It was 2020 and what a year it would be

For no one knew the changes we would see,

No socialization, no parties, no sports on Television

Confinement was way to go and it became the mission.


Now came the coronavirus that captured us at play,

Bloody nearly killed us all we know not what to say,

What the heck is this – you must shelter-in-place,

Getting in line for toilet paper, we looked at each other’s masked face.


Food supplies were rationed, and we were asked to stay,

How could we survive in such a confined way?

No outdoors activities, no eating out

All we can do is sit and pout.


We all ask, how long will this virus last?

too many people dying while others think it is a blast.

Riots, protests, and chaos show its ugly head

Why can’t we just all work together instead?


It is a test of our endurance to stay-in-place,

Or we can spread the virus face-to-face.

When will it be over, when can we stop wearing a mask,

Where are the football games and other sports, we ask?


Yes, this will be a year we will never forget

We spent more time with our family yet,

When all was said and done

We will have survived a pandemonium.


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