Forgotten Links?

Recently several of you asked me this question:
“Is Jenna really you?”
Now that’s a great question. You see every author puts some part of themselves into their characters when they write. However, the answer to your question is “No, I am not Jenna.” Jenna originated from many of the military wives that I have had the pleasure to meet. So if Jenna sounds familiar, she probably is!
Most people do not see or hear what those left behind have to do to maintain the household and care for the children of the men and women deployed. These “forgotten links” hold everything together. Whether it’s taking care of the offspring of those who are deployed or paying the bills that seem insurmountable. They are faced with a lot of decisions to make while their spouses are deployed!.
Most enlisted wives have very little in the way of education.  That’s one hurdle to overcome. Next is that funds are limited. Every cent counts and they learn how to stretch a dollar! But the hardest part of this role is that when the spouse leaves, everything is in your court. When he/she returns back from deployment, they insist on taking over the checkbook immediately!  Many of the wives just finished paying off the bills the servicemen/servicewomen make while they are home.
So it’s time to give up being the decision-maker and pass the torch on to the returning spouse. This may sound easy, but it requires a lot of adjustments. Many do not make just one deployment, but several. Whew!  All that adjusting causes turmoil!
I’d love to hear any stories you may add to our “Forgotten Links” discussion. We really need to praise the partners or spouses of our military men and women for all they do and continue to do!

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